Coin Distribution

25,000,000 Coins Minted

5,000,000 Coins Added to dex Xeggex

1,000,000 Coins Burned

10,000,000 Locked

The initial market cap can be calculated by multiplying the total number of tokens (25,000,000) by the initial price per token.

To calculate the initial price per token, we need to subtract the liquidity (5,000,000) from the total supply (10,000,000) to get the number of tokens available for sale, which is 5,000,000.

Then, we can divide the total value of the available tokens (5,000,000 tokens * 1,000 USDT) by the number of available tokens (5,000,000 tokens) to get the initial price per token:

Initial price per token = 1,000 USDT / 5,000,000 tokens = 0.0002 USDT/token

Now, we can calculate the initial market cap:

Initial market cap = 25,000,000 tokens * 0.0002 USDT/token = 5,000 USDT

Therefore, the initial market cap for 25,000,000 tokens with 5,000,000 tokens liquidity and 1000 USDT is 5,000 USDT, and the initial price per token is 0.0002 USDT/token.

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