Tres Chain

Add Node to Tres Leches Chain

Clone the following genesis file from our github repro.
You can clone it by running:
//Clone the repro
git clone
// Cd ~Blockchain
mkdir /usr/local/node
cp -r Configuration/Genesis/Mainet/treslechesmainnet.json /usr/local/node/treslechesmainnet.json
cd /usr/local/node
geth init --datadir data treslechesmainnet.json
cp -r ~/Blockchain/Configuration/Nodes/TrustedNodes/trusted-nodes.json /usr/local/node/data/trusted-nodes.json
cp -r ~/Blockchain/Configuration/Nodes/StaticNodes/static-nodes.json /usr/local/node/data/static-nodes.json
After you have configure the node, you need to run the node. We recommend the following commandline to get your node running.
// geth --networkid 6066 --datadir data --identity "External Miner" --bootnodes enode://333de758402827269778b4a96f675b3d207ddb4b7fdb2a60d505d7d10d5eac564[email protected] --port 30306 --miner.threads 1 --miner.etherbase=0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD --syncmode full --http --http.vhosts "*" --http.corsdomain "*" --http.port 8548 --cache 8192 --ws.port 8549 --http.api debug,net,eth,web3,txpool --ws.api "eth,net,web3,network,debug,txpool" --authrpc.port 8550 console
You have now onboarded your now into our chain, to make it official create a pull request here.
Add your enode following the fomart of the json file and we will then commit and update the mainnetserver on the next maintenance cycle.