How to use the Phishing Protection feature

he phishing protection feature helps to make your wallet unique and easily verifiable from phishing attempts by scammers. It's a uniquely generated art for your wallet that is being displayed on all the sensitive areas where you need to use your password. This feature makes it very difficult for scammers to perform phishing scams because they don't know the design of your generative art.

We highly recommend that you have this feature turned ON and that you remember your art and not disclose it to anyone.

Your unique anti-phishing art is being displayed on the "Login" & "Import/Export Account" pages.

It's important to note that if you ever try to interact with your BlockWallet but it doesn't show your anti-phishing art, it likely means that you are a victim of a phishing attempt and that you should avoid using the wallet and instead contact our community managers on Telegram or Discord for further guidance.

Access/Using the phishing protection feature

Important points to remember:

  • Turn ON the phishing protection in your wallet settings for extra security

  • Make sure to remember and always look for your anti-phishing art when writing your password

  • Do not share your anti-phishing art online or with someone else

  • Do not interact with BlockWallet if it doesn't display your anti-phishing art

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